H 27 human hair weaving
by Harlem 125

Harlem 125_H-27(Human-27pcs) Weaving hair.
1."H-27 Weaving Consists of 9 pcs of 1" length, 9 pcs of 2" length, and 9 pcs of 3" length to make 27 pcs.
2. Single thin weft makes the extension feel light when you wear it, and less noticeable to others. Because of the thin weft, the hair is more natural looking and easier to style.
3. The 3 different lengths give you flexibility in styles for the look that you desire. Whether it would be layered, tapered, or blunt cut look, you have the flexibility in choosing the style you desire.
4. Because of the design of the weft and hair, H-27 will not tangle from normal use.

1. Decide on Style you desire, and layout the different lengths of hair 1" 9 pcs, 2" 9 pcs, and 3" 9 pcs.
2. For Flip look: attach weft so the end of hair faces upwards,
3. For Tapered or Feathered Look: attach weft so the end of hair faces downwards.
4. For Layered look: after choosing steps (2) or (3), choose between blunt layered or long layered style.
5. For Blunt Layered look: start with the 3" lengths from top of head, 2" lengths for middle, and 1" for lower part of the head.
6. For long layered look: repeat step(5) except to reverse the lengths starting with 1" length from top.
7. You may wish to be creative and blend different lengths. That is your choice. Enjoy the flexibility in styles you can achieve with on type of hair_H-27 Weaving.